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Rana Pratap Singh, popularly known as Maharana Pratap, was born on 9th May 1540. Maharana Pratap, the son and, successor of the Rana Udai Singh, successfully resisted efforts of the Mughal emperor Akbar to conquer his kingdom. He kept on fighting to avenge the 1567 pillage of his capital, Chitor. This was in notable contrast to his fellow Hindu princes, who had submitted to the Mughals.

He ruled the Rajput confederacy of Mewar (1572–97). Rana Pratap reorganized the government and improved the forts. His kind-heartedness and just decision-making won the hearts of even his enemies. After his defeat in the battle of Haldighati by Mughals, he fled to the hills and continued to harass the Mughals by urging non-cooperation and passive resistance to Akbar’s tax collectors.  In exile, Rana Pratap spent much time perfecting war tactics like guerilla warfare, harassing the enemy and light horse tactics which helped him win back Mewar. He successfully captured western Mewar and made Chavand as his capital. He constructed Chamunda matha temple. Rana has recovered large part of Merwar and revived Merwar to its past glory, he sheltered many poets, artists, writers and artisans, and the Chavand School of art was developed during his reign. His bravery, courage and sacrifices shall ever remain a golden chapter of Indian history.

The Government of India released the Commemorative Coin on the occasion of 475th Birth Anniversary of Maharana Pratap on 9th May 2016.

बाह्य वलय (एल्‍युमिनियम कांसा) :Outer ring (Aluminium Bronze) तांबा        : 92%              Copper    :  92 % एल्‍युमीनियम :  6%         Aluminium     :  6% निकल      :  2%        Nickel     :  2%
  मध्‍य भाग (तांबा निकल)

Center Piece : (Cupro Nickel)

तांबा              :  75%        Copper        : 75 % निकल    :  5%                   Nickel      : 25%
वृत्‍ताकार                  Dimensions व्यास   :  27 मिलीमीटर   Dia      :  27 mm मानक वजन: 7.71 ग्राम                Weight   :  7.71 grams

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