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90th Interpol General Assembly 2022 (Denomination of `100) – Wooden Packing (UNC) – FGCO001154


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The 90th Interpol general Assembly is coinciding with Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava. This is a time of historic significance both for India and the INTERPOL. India celebrated its 75 years of Independence in 2022 and INTERPOL would be celebrating 100 years of its founding in 2023.

In line with the Indian philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” a Sanskrit phrase, which means “The World Is One Family”, INTERPOL also envisages collective vision of law enforcement that transcends borders.

Headquartered in Lyon, France; INTERPOL (The International Criminal Police Organization) is the world’s largest international police organization with 195 member countries. It was founded in 1923 as the International Criminal Police Commission (ICPC); and in 1946, the name INTERPOL served as the agency’s telegraphic address, was chosen as its common name in 1956.

Government of India is hosting 90th Interpol General Assembly in New Delhi from 18-22 October 2022. The process began in 2019, when the comity of Nations in INTERPOL, overwhelmingly voted to host General Assembly in India. Accordingly in 2021, INTERPOL Flag was handed over to India during the 89th INTERPOL General Assembly held in Istanbul, Turkey.

To seal this historic event, Government of India is issuing commemorative coin of Rs 100. These coins are legal tender and are made of precious metal. They are having collectors and numismatics value.

The commemorative coin with Interpol and Interpol General Assembly 2022 logo together can be seen in the background. In its visual symbolism, the logo for INTERPOL’s 90th General Assembly, being held in New Delhi from 18th-21st October, 2022, has at its centre the ‘Konark Wheel’. When deciphered in terms of INTERPOL’s commitment and engagement, the ‘Konark Wheel’ in this logo serves to inspire INTERPOL’s 24×7 functioning, and is encircled by three leaved spherical elements in colours of India’s national flag. The three encircling spherical elements signify the creation of international bonds through INTERPOL, steadfast commitment towards preservation of security globally and the achievement of law enforcement goals.

Hosting the 90th General Assembly is a matter of pride for the nation.

One Hundred  Only 1.       CIRCULAR

2.       DIAMETER – 44mm

3.       SERRATIONS – 200

35.00 gms Quaternary Alloy

Silver- 50 %, Copper – 40 %,

Nickel- 05 % and Zinc- 05 %

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