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ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIFTH YEAR OF NATIONAL ARCHIVES OF INDIA Situated at the intersection of Janpath and Rajpath, in the heart of New Delhi, National Archives of India is the repository of records of enduring posterity. Established at Calcutta on 11 March 1891 as Imperial Record Department, it shifted to Delhi after the present building was completed in 1926. The Imperial Records Department was renamed “National Archives of India” after India gained its independence. The National Archives of India is a repository of the non-current records of the Government of India and holds them in trust for the use of administrators and scholars. The regular series in the National Archives of India begin from 1748 but the oldest document being preserved dates back to 1352 A.D. The total holdings of the National Archives comprising approximately 30,00,000 files, volumes, maps, rare books, Reports, Parliamentary Papers and Debates, Monographs, Gazettes, Gazetteers, Travelogues, Newspapers, Journals etc. These cover a variety of subjects like modern history and politics, culture, demography, archives, economics, social science, gender studies, tribal studies etc… Cover about 30 Kms. of shelf space and is the biggest repository of non-current records in South-East Asia. The National Archives of India in collaboration with UNESCO has brought out a set of six Volumes under the Asian Chapter of “Guide to the Sources of Asian History” to provide comprehensive information to users regarding the record being held at the National archives of India, State archives and other custodial Institutions. In its unique position as the sole repository of Public Records of the country, the National Archives of India is the “Memory Keeper” of the Nation. To commemorate its one hundred twenty-fifth year of its establishment the Government of India has released the Commemorative coin.

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